H Litter - 1 boy available - 9 weeks old.  I have literally saved the best pup until last.  He is on Dogsvic Mains Register and I am looking for a family home who will consider showing or obedience titling.  This family must be prepared to keep this boy entire (not desexed) so I can consider his  breeding potential when mature so will only be sold on co-ownership.  Very generous breeder terms apply in the future so if you would consider an entire male please call me.   I have already started lead and tie up training without a fuss.  He is toilet trained, socialised well with cats and farm animals.  A completely no fuss beautiful temperament and perfectly put together little man.  If I didn't have 5 dogs already (including his father, mother and grandmother, he would be staying.)

Logan shown above with his father, the triple champion Leon de la Condesa del Alba.  He is a very affectionate and loving puppy. 


I have started lead training and today was his first time being tied up while I made up horse feeds in the tack room out of sight.  You can see how relaxed he was waiting for me.  No crying, just patiently waiting.