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August 2022


Mardi Donovan and her boy "Diamondswiss Greatest Showman"

(Darryl) have achieved their Tracking Title after successfully

completing 3 out of 3 tracking trials!! 


The last test was Darryl's

first ever attempt at tracking a stranger and despite the 45km

winds trying to blow them both off the track, they completed

the test with a very good score.  I'm so very proud!!!

Darryl is son of Lola (half brother to Ivy) and my beautiful Leon.

Darry tracking title Aug 2022.jpg
Dubstep 1.jpg

In more exciting news for my future breeding program, frozen semen has just arrived from the magnificent Dubstep of Trebons Berger Blanc (all the way from Czech Republic).

This joins the other frozen semen that arrived a few months ago from Denmark from All I Want of Trebons Berger Blanc (yes I do love their dogs!!)

Pictured left is Dubstep and below All I want.

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