Diamondswiss Born to be Wild  (AI) "Maison"

Sire:  Jack Daniels of Trebons Berger Blanc (froz semen)

Dam:  Australian Champion Rosamontana Belle of Berlin (AI)

HIPS:  2:2

ELBOWS:  0:0

MDR1 & DM :  Clear

EYES:  Clear


DOB:  10/04/2017

Maison came home to me at around 7 months of age and almost stayed.  Having his mum and sister here would have been difficult during breeding times so I was very fortunate to find a home with young retirees, Petra and Lou, up in the Sunshine Coast where Maison will frolic daily on the beach and be given their undivided love.  He remains in co-ownership and I hope to be seeing him again in the future!  (pictured above 9 months)


Maison was the 2nd male born in the "B" Litter of Khaleesi and Daniels.  He has a lovely head, very good pigment, a great coat and good movement.  He also has the sweetest nature and is very affectionate, yet gentle.

I can take Maison anywhere and know he will accept his surroundings calmly.  He is great with children, noise, cats, market atmosphere etc.