Diamondswiss Jewel of Centurio (AI) RN

Sire:  Chil Ch. Arg Ch. Arg Jr Ch Centurio De La Condesa Del Alba (froz semen)

Dam: Soverenpark Dandelion RN

On 19th February a very special little girl was born via cesarean.  This was the second attempt at using this frozen semen with Lola.  The first time was unsuccessful. 


This very expensive and precious Jewel is the result of many years of planning between Chile and Australia.  What an amazing world we live into be able to breed puppies from a sire living so far away. 


I had no intention of keeping this puppy but her mother Lola wouldn't wean her until she was 9 weeks old (she is usually done with them by 3-4 weeks) so I think this decision to keep her was made by Lola not me!

Ivy was named after my late Grandmother who was as feisty as she was small, very quick witted and had a huge heart.

HIPS:  2:2 A/A

ELBOWS:  0:0


HEIGHT:  62cm

DOB:  19/02/2021

RN photo close.jpg

Pictures Below:  1.  Sleeping on mum.... there is nothing softer.  2.  A singleton needs lots of toys for company.  3.  Lots of growing to do, safe next to mum.

Day 2.jpg
Ivy collage 4,6,10 weeks.jpg
Day 3 with toys.jpg
Day 3.jpg

Above:  Ivy at 4, 6 and 10 weeks.

Ivy 16 weeks drop stay.jpg
Ivy 16 Weeks standing.jpg

Pictured left and above at 16 weeks and right at 8 months.

Ivy 6 months next to container.jpg