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"Khaleesi" (retired)

Khaleesi profile pink.jpg

"Khaleesi" was bred by Sharon and George Muller in WA.  When I first saw this litter announced, I was instantly taken by the beauty of both her parents and although I had no intention of adding to my "family" at that time, I am so glad I did!  Khaleesi and Summer both share the same father and it seemed the instant that they both met, these half sisters  became best friends.

Khaleesi is the perfect show dog and was titled in a relatively short time.  Mr Maurice Chapman, who judged her at Bendigo, remarked that she is exactly what the breed standard asks for.

Apart from being the perfect show dog, Khaleesi is beautiful inside and out.  She is such a friendly loving girl and everyone that meets her is instantly hooked by her affectionate nature.

She has been the perfect mother to her very first litter of 10 puppies born using frozen semen and is also the most devoted aunty to other litters we have bred.  (if only she would stop rolling in the mud!!)

Khaleesi 8 months best in group - April
Khaleesi 10 months best in Group Bendigo
Khaleesi 10 months best in Group Bendigo
Khaleesi at best in show line up - Colac
Khaleesi Aust Ch shot ringside.jpg
khaleesi 2021 on veranda.jpg
Khaleesi Aust Ch shot with me 1.jpg
Khaleesi 2021.jpg
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