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October 2022

This month was the Melbourne Dog Lovers Exhibition at Jeff's Shed in the city.  I took Khaleesi to help out at the White Swiss Shepherd breed stall and meet the public.  The club did an outstanding job with the stall especially considering half of Victoria was in flood and some of the committee involved were affected.

Although we don't get many visitors on the farm, Khaleesi handled the crowds and attention wonderfully.  I'm so proud of her and pleased that she is in half of my breeding lines, being Diamond's mother.

Good friend Mardi came to help out with the questions and gave me a break  to do a bit of dog treat shopping!!!

Dog lovers show.jpg
dog lovers show 2.jpg
Spirit 9 weeks8.jpg
Spirit 9 weeks 5.jpg

This month I also made the impulsive decision to keep a puppy from the N litter!  Miss Pink pup is now known as "Diamondswiss New Sensation" (Spirit)

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