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Brz Ch. Bul Ch. Chi Gr Ch. Uru Gr Ch.

Arg Gr Ch. Balt Ch.

Kissenkill Of Luna Legacy (Bel)

(Frozen Semen)

  • Champion of Brazil

  • Champion of Bulgaria

  • Grand Champion of Chile

  • Grand Champion of Uruguay

  • Grand Champion of Argentina

  • Grand Champion of Balkanese

"Kissen" is owned, loved and campaigned by Jisella Contreras who owns the Kennel "Pastor Blanco" and the prefix "De la Condesa Del Alba".

I am so very grateful that Jisella has allowed me to import semen from her 2 lovely multiple show winning dogs KissenKill and Centurio to use in my future breeding.


Importing frozen semen takes many, many months of planning.  The dogs must be blood tested more than once and have their semen collected, frozen, thawed 30 days later and tested, before it is deemed good enough to export.  Through all this there is the language barrier, communicating from English to Spanish and hoping all the time and vast amounts of money are worth it!  But looking at these pictures of Kissen I can only think the risk is well worth it.

Without the trust and support from amazing international breeders such as Jisella, it would not be possible to achieve my aim to try and breed the best in the world. 

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