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April 2023

This month there were 2 weekends of shows indoors where I thought it would be good to take the pups for the atmosphere of being inside with hundreds of people and dogs.  I had no expectations. 

The first weekend saw Spirit take home another 18 points and she seemed to handle the atmosphere well.  I brought Khaleesi out of retirement for support and she won best Neuter in Group x 2 and then Neuter in Show! 


The following weekend was a massive 4 day (6 shows) over Easter long weekend.  I decided to leave Reign at home and just concentrate on Spirit and again brought Khaleesi for support.

At the end of the 2 weekends 8 months old Spirit was sitting on a total of 75 points including a Minor Puppy in Group and at 7 1/2 years old Khaleesi amazingly:

1 x Neuter in Show

3 x Neuter in Group

5 x R/U Neuter in Group

01-04-23 PM show Neuter in Group.jpg
02-04-23 Neuter in Group.jpg
01-04-23 Neuter in Show.jpg
01-04-23 AM show RU Neuter.jpg
09-04-23 RU Neuter in Group.jpg
08-04-23 PM RU Neuter in Group.jpg
10-04-23 RU Neuter in Group.jpg
08-04-23 RU Neuter in Group.jpg
07-04-23 Minor in Group.jpg
07-04-23 Neuter in Group.jpg
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