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July 2021

Well I dragged sweet Khaleesi out of retirement to keep my puppy company at her 2nd ever show.  Khaleesi ended up winning Best Neuter in Group and Runner up Neuter in Show after a 3-4 year break!

This girl has always been a dream to show so it looks like we'll be doing more shows to dual title her now she is desexed.

Poor baby puppy Ivy had just gone into the ring to stand ready for the judge when a 4 sided gazebo we were standing next to blew completely over in the wind and was destroyed.  This obviously gave her a real fright and she didn't settle after that.  I think she is in a fear period so will need some work to reassure her before taking her out again.

neuter in group july 21.jpg
runner up neuter in show july 21.jpg
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