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Ch. Chi, J Ch. Chi, J Ch. Uru
Leon De La Condesa Del Alba
Sire:  G Ch Chi, Arg, Uru, Bul, Ch. Bul, Bra
Kissenkill of Luna Legacy
Dam:  Ch J Ch Chi, G Ch Ch Arg Alexia De la Condesa Del Alba

Leon Standing photo shoot.jpg
Leon standing by pool.jpg
Leon standing by pool close up.jpg

BORN:  8 May 2017

HEIGHT:  66 cms

WEIGHT:  40 kgs

HIPS:  2:2 (scored in Aust)

ELBOWS:  0:0

MDR1 & DM :  Clear

EYES:  Clear

Having already imported Frozen Semen from Jisella Contreras with Leon's father and maternal Grandfather many people would think I was foolish to also import a dog with the same lines!

Australia is a long way away from the rest of the world and establishing trust with a breeder you haven't met takes time.  Having already established a long year of communication importing the frozen semen, Jisella also had trust in me and how I look after my dogs.  They are part of my family.  This is why she offered me her young Champion Leon "the Lion".  What made me decide to import Leon was firstly his temperament, who Jisella says is so very loving to her and his girls at home.  He has the lines of both males I adore from her kennels, has excellent hips and elbows, clear of DM and MDR1 and has successfully sired a beautiful litter of 9 this year.  Jisella's only reason for selling is she has his lines, his offspring and needs to make room to bring in something different.

Having finally met Leon I can say that he is everything Jisella said he was.  Beautiful, affectionate and very outgoing.  I'm so glad he is here at last!!!

Leon laying with Jisella.jpeg
Leon standing at show.jpeg
Leon sitting photo shoot.jpeg
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