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K  Litter

K Litter announcement.jpg

Puppies were born on 10th July - 7 boys and 2 girls!

Mum and babies are doing really well.  (Dad just wants to know why he isn't my center of attention right now)

Diamondswiss Knight Wolf  - "Levi"

Dk B week 3e.jpg
Dk B week 7.jpg

Levi has gone to live with a lovely family in Patterson Lakes where he takes on the very important role of mending broken hearts after their 15 year old dog died recently.

Diamondswiss Krystal Warrior  - "Hunter"  

L Bl week 7a.jpg
Hunter and Kellie.jpg

Hunter lives in Westmeadows with his big sister Kellie, a beautiful rescue. 

L Bl week 2.jpg

Diamondswiss King of Hearts - "Beau"

G week 3a.jpg
G week 7d.jpg

Beau needed to fulfil a very long list of criteria for exited owner Mary who had been waiting years for just the right time for one of my puppies.  From the moment that they met, Beau bonded with Mary and wouldn't leave her side.  I've been told he has fitted in with her at home and at work perfectly and within hours was toileting on command!  (phew)!! 

Diamondswiss King of the North - "Bjorn"

R week 1.jpg

Bjorn lives in Bentleigh with a lovely couple who have already arranged play dates with his half sister from another litter!  (Diamondswiss owners make the best friends!)

R week 7a.jpg

Diamondswiss King of Diamonds - "Auskey"

Grey week 7c.jpg
Grey week 7.jpg

Auskey lives with an energetic family of 4 and has the unenviable task of trying to mend the broken hearts of a young family who lost their last Swiss Shepherd to cancer at a very young age.  Tough paws to fill indeed.

Auskey remains in co-ownership with me to see  how he develops.

Diamondswiss Kings of Leon - "Nynx"

O week 6a.jpg
O week 7a.jpg

Nynx is the only one from this litter that flew interstate.  He is now living the very spoilt life with 2 sisters in Kembla Grange, NSW.  I'm told he is doing really well with his obedience training.

Diamondswiss Kiss the Girls - "Enki"

Bla week 6c.jpg
Bla week 7b.jpg

Enki lives at the beachside suburb of Torquay with a lovely young lady who is teaching him Spanish!!  (his father had to learn English when he arrived from Chile so we have come full circle)!

Enki remains in co-ownership and I hope to see him out at shows and obedience competitions when Covid restrictions allow.

Diamondswiss Kiss from a Rose - "Mila"

Pi week 3c.jpg
Pi week 7.jpg

Mila lives in Wheelers Hill with a beautiful couple who work from home.  She remains in co-ownership to potentially return to me for breeding one day if she develops how I hope.  In the meantime I have also gained some wonderful new friends who I hope to see often.

Diamondswiss Kindred Spirit - "Charlie"

Pu week 4b.jpg
Pu week 7.jpg

Charlie lives in Soldiers Hill with a lovely couple who are planning to make her their football mascot!!!

Whatever happens I know this one will be spoilt rotten!!!

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