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Joining Diamondswiss at home are 2 Miniature American Shepherds who have just arrived from France.  Information about these 2 new additions can be found at

Dogs Vic Number:  3008860670

PER:  RB100753

Diamondswiss kennels are situated on 28 acres in SE Victoria, about 1 hour from the CBD.

Here we live with horses, goats, chickens and my 7 beautiful White Swiss girls; Summer, her granddaughters  Ivy and Sassy,  Khaleesi, her daughter Diamond and Diamond's daughters Reign and Star. 

My love of white shepherds began some 19 years ago when I gave my heart and home to a White German Shepherd named Sarj.  Sadly Sarj died 6 years ago of cancer at 14. 

More than 10 years ago, after discovering that White Swiss Shepherds were finally recognised in Australia, it was then that my "collection" of new family members began with Summer.

This breed is stunningly beautiful, loyal, intelligent, easy to train and quickly find a permanent place in your heart.  They are suitable for any endeavour you can think of! 

My philosophy with breeding is firstly to always breed to the breed standard.  In addition, I also want what I breed to be considered along with the best dogs in the world!  That might sound arrogant but I truly believe that the only reason for breeding should be to improve on what you have and preserve the breed without straying from the breed standard.  I also have a passion for importing lines to add to our limited gene pool.  It is for this reason that I have imported semen from three of the most successful kennels in Europe, South America and Czeck Republic to add to the lines I have.  All my dogs are DNA tested and xrayed prior to breeding to ensure the health of future generations.  I only breed from "A" Grade hips and clear elbows. 

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