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L  Litter

L Litter announcement Lola and Raff.jpg
Lola and pups day 1a.jpg
Day 1.jpg

Lola gave birth to 2 puppies on 13th December, a boy and a girl!  Sadly 2 more had passed in the womb many days prior.  Mum and pups are doing well and their owners are super excited.

Diamondswiss Lion Heart  "Gomi"

B week 2.jpg
B week 5b.jpg
B week 8b.jpg

Gomi means "Bear" in Korean.  His pedigree name incorporates his father "heart throb" with his grandfather "Leon" meaning Lion in spanish.

Gomi is living with a fantastic family who are very experienced at training dogs.  He shares love and training with older "sister" Raven, who is a black German Shepherd. 

Diamondswiss Little Princess "Sassy"

P week 1b.jpg
P week 3.jpg
P week 7h.jpg
P week 7.5a.jpg

Sassy has the most exciting future ahead of her in Queensland with another White Swiss owner who shows and breeds.  All going well with her development and we might be seeing more little "Sassies" in the future!!!

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