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H  Litter

H Litter announcement.jpg

On 5th January Diamond gave birth to 10 beautiful, healthy puppies:  5 girls and 5 boys.   This litter showed me what a near perfect match can achieve.  I am so lucky that many of these puppies remained in Victoria where I can watch them grow.

Diamondswiss Hypnotic Beauty


Pink 5 weeks.jpg

Peggy found a loving family very close to me where she is living the good life and being very spoilt.

Peggy and big sister Piper 7 months.jpg

Diamondswiss Homecoming Queen


Purple 5 weeks a.jpg

Francis lives with good friends in Noosa and shares her house with another Swiss from my E Litter.  These 2 girls are spoilt with regular beach visits.

Diamondswiss High Class Beauty


L green 5 weeks d.jpg

Luna is loved by a wonderful family living locally to me. 

Diamondswiss High Class Lady


Orange 6 weeks c.jpg

Zabari lives with a big energetic family who love their dogs and they run a paintball business where the dogs come to work with them!!  This ensures the dogs get plenty of exercise and meet lots of people.

Zabari 18 months.jpg

Diamondswiss Halo


Yellow 7 weeks.jpg

I confess Miss Yellow was one of my favourites and so her name reflects my mum who was known as Haley.  Hence Halo was my little angel!  Now known as Kimber and living in co-ownership not too far from me, I hope to see her grow and mature into a beautiful representation of my breeding.

She has a best friend/brother who is a real German Shepherd!!!


Diamondswiss Howl of the Wolf


D Blue 6 weeks c.jpg

Noah is living a wonderful life up in Sydney and his best friend (brother from another mother) is a border collie!


Diamondswiss Heart Throb


L Blue 4 weeks c.jpg

This little man was pick of the litter, chosen by a breed specialist.  He was a stand out at an early age and full of mischief.  Rafa found a home in co-ownership with me where he will one day be seen in the show ring or at obedience trials.  Wherever he goes, he is bound to make himself noticed!

After achieving A grade xrays, Rafa was joined with Lola to produce the beautiful "L" Litter.

Diamondswiss Heroic Nanook


Silver 7 weeks b.jpg

Another pup living locally to me with a wonderful couple who are soon to be married.  Pictured right at 8 months.


Diamondswiss Heart of the Wolf


Red 9 weeks with Leon a.jpg

Logan was the last to leave because he was so special to me.  I finally found my perfect co-ownership home very close to me where he can walk to the beach every day.  His beautiful owner told me she had dreamed of him and knew he was the one when she saw him.

Logan will hopefully be shown once things return to normal.

Indi May 2021 Standing.jpg
Indi May 2021 Sitting.jpg

Diamondswiss Hunt for Stardom


D Green 3 weeks.jpg

Hunter has now achieved his Australian Championship title!!!


Never have I met anyone so excited to own one of my puppies more than Hunter's mum.  The pressure of finding just the perfect pup to blend in with her other dogs, be a loving family member plus be nice enough to show was easy when I looked at this one.  Hunter was always beautiful, always happy and lovely moving.  Not too outgoing but outgoing enough.  Seeing how beautiful he is growing and I know I picked the right one out of a litter full of right ones!

Hunters first show.jpeg
Hunter 20 months.jpg
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