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F  Litter

F Litter announcement.jpg

On Sunday night 22nd December, Summer gave birth to a beautiful girl and a boy via emergency caesarean.  The vet and I had been monitoring her for the day hoping she would delivery naturally but there weren't enough puppies to produce the hormones necessary to make her want to push strongly enough!  This will be Summer's final litter.

Summer and pups day 1.jpg
Pups day 1.jpg
Black day 1.jpg


"Diamondswiss Flawless"


"Diamondswiss Final Fantasy"

Yuki is living with a lovely couple local to me in co-ownership where she will come back to me to breed a litter if she matures as I hope.

Bohdi is living a wonderful life with a loving couple in WA.

Pink 9 weeks.jpg
Black 7 weeks a.jpg
Yuki studying.jpg
Yuki smiling.jpg

Yuki has her mother's smile.  Above left with her gorgeous owner and above right, showing her doing online learning haha

Yuki 8 months.jpg
Bodhi 8 months.jpg

Yuki above and Bohdi right at 8 months

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