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E  Litter

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On Saturday 22nd June Lola and I welcomed 6 puppies into the world; 4 boys and 2 girls.  While they all took their sweet time coming out, all were large and noisy when they did!!!  Pictures below are just born (still wet) to 8 weeks old.  We have boys:  Black, Red and Blue ribbons and Girls; Pink and Purple.

Lola and pups day 2.jpg
2 pups hugging during whelp.jpg
5 pups hours old halo.jpg
2 weeks a.jpg
3 weeks.jpg
Blue 4 weeks e.jpg
O 4 weeks b.jpg
Pink 5 weeks d.jpg
O 6 weeks b.jpg
Blue 7 weeks b.jpg
Running at the beach 6 months.jpg

A wonderful thing about this breed is their ability to bring people together!  Pictured left are:  Miss Pink "Misha", Mr Orange "Teddy" and Mr Blue "Leo" with Leo's BFF Delilah the cattle dog all enjoying a catch up at the beach.  These owners from my "E" Litter were able to meet each other on my private owner's Facebook page and then arrange play dates for their pups.

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